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About My Work

Big-bottomed Betty The Bingo Player

I like my art to tell a story, something happened before this moment in time and something will happen after. It is up to you, the viewer to complete the story from the clues.

I have a family of characters that regularly pop up in my paintings, Betty the bingo player, Len the Lighthouse keeper and Dave the Dog to name a few.

Watercolours can range from traditional paintings to cartoon pen and wash, In my Acrylics I often use mixed media to create a 3D image as in Betty the Big Bottomed Bingo Player. In this painting I built up texture from builders filler, gold leaf, jewels and battery operated lights around her sign.

I use oils as a pure medium and are often more traditional landscapes and seascapes. Pastels, pencils and pen work are all dry mediums and I tend to use them for animal and people portraits and some scenes. See the top of the page for examples of my work.

My Individual Style

I'm often criticized about my paintings having the look of lots of different artists because I can paint in different styles, subjects and mediums but I am proud of having the ability to be able to do this and teach it in my classes. My cartoons are all my work, all from my head and there's many more where they came from.

Rose And Arthur At The Seaside With Dave Rose and Arthur at the Seaside with Dave


Illustrations are a part of my work I am proud of. It is a joy to see your work in print.

Here are some examples:

Card Illustration Card illustration Billy Gooners First Match Billy Gooner's First Match, is my first children's book


I am happy to discuss any commissions.

Price guide:

Watercolours from £15 for a mounted 10x12 to £30 for a mounted 20x16 plus p+p.

Canvasses vary in price with subjects but 20x20 range from £30 to £80. Other mediums may vary.

Mini canvasses 5x7 £5 each plus £1 p+p

I will up date my painting in the galleries often but feel free to email me for more examples.